About Us

We are a team of highly educated, trained and experienced professional guides whom also act as your driver and serve you as a friend. Friends who will accompany you, not just to see, but to experience the real and unique Bali in a personalized, fun and relaxing yet ethical and professional manner. All of us are fluent in english, love people and are dedicated to making our clients into our lifelong friends.

Here are your Bali friends:

Putu Arnawa
Putu Arnawa is the founder of Balifriend Tours and has been working as tour guide and driver for 22 years but still enjoy  his job. “Meeting, sharing stories and making friends with many different people from around the world is one of the main reasons why he is  still enjoying the job very much. Another main reason would be the  unique culture and endless beautiful landscapes of his beloved Bali Island. He wants to share these spirits of Bali  with many other people, not just by providing tours for them but also through his photographs. He likes to take photos and it would be his great pleasure to take photos together with you when you are visiting the island. Putu Arnawa is a university graduate with a degree in tourism. He previously worked for large corporations in the tourism industry  before starting his own successful tourism company. Also a professional photographer, Putu Arnawa has a passion for people, taking photos of them enjoying the natural beauty of Bali and instructing them in the art of photography.

Kadek Anto
After  obtaining his degree in tourism, Kadek went abroad to work  for an American cruise ship company. After  six years, he decided to settle back  in Bali, his home. He views his home island differently after coming back from abroad and loves many things in Bali even more than he did before.  Kadek is now very eager to share his observations and  share them with visitors to Bali. Guiding and driving people is not new to him, however, as during his studies he  got training in school as well as being trained on the job by Putu Arnawa during that time in the art of guiding/driving.

Wayan Juli
Young, fun and knowledgeable are a few words that  describe Juli.  He has received his degree  in English literature so we shouldn’t doubt about his English capabilities. He is the type of person that works hard. Even during his college studies  Juli was working as a hotel staff member. A  few years ago, Juli decided to begin working as guide/driver.

Rai Artha (Lolet)
Rai is our textile expert person. He has been involving in textile for many years including being part of a reputable textile foundation in Ubud. Now , he is willing to join us to share his knowledge in textile to our guests.

Many years become a tour leader handling local group tour to other island, now he want to do more private tours for guests that coming to his beloved island. Born and growing in artisan village as fine wood carver , very well educated in IT , and since few years ago falling in love in showing and sharing hidden Bali to visitors.

Wawan has been working for many different tour operators in Bali for decade after finishing his hospitality school. Guiding for him is in the blood already as his father is one of the senior tour guide in Bali. We lucky that he willing to join us. He want to join us because he like our credo that our tour is personalized. By being personalized we can become friends to our guests.