One Day Bali Photography Tour with Arie and Friends

Mr. Arie is my regular guest (now feel more like friend). He is a professional in airline industry but spending many of his time taking pictures. This time he was coming with a group of friends from the same industry with similar hobby, photography.

We started the day very early as usual as we want to capture the morning ray of light in Bali country side. We drove to a place that I have seen has a great ray of light once before. But it is not guarantee that we would have the same ray today. The great ray of light will occurs when we have enough mist and   the right light direction through the trees. Once we arrived the scene a bit disappointing. There was no rain the night before so not as much mist and the sun as not strongth enough. I insist to wait and let them open their breakfast box. After 10 minutes the scene we are looking for start to occurs. We got the scene now just wait for the subject to pass by. Soon, villagers start walking by on the way to their farm field. One great subject was the family with their cow waiting for a truck to pick their cow. The cow will be deliver to the market.  We spent almost two hours here before proceed to Lake Batur.

At lake Batur we try to capture people of Batur doing their daily activities by the lake. Washing cloth, fixing net, fishing on the canoe and others. The next destination of our photography day is Unda river water dam. Our regular subjects, the kids, as usual, are more than happy to play in the water for us.

We were only spent 30 minutes with the kids as we need to rush to  get to Ubud where two beautiful dancers has waiting for us in their colorful outfits. They privately posed for us. Our last photo taking for the day is Kecak and fire dance. Interesting and challenging light as usual.
We were start the day at 6am and end back in the hotel at 8PM, 14 hours total. It is a normal long day for dedicated photographers.

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