Mount Batur Volcano Trekking

Mount Batur is one of the most active volcano in Bali beside the highest Mount Agung. Mount Batur trekking usually start at 4am to be able to see sunrise from the top. The sun will rise from behind the mount Abang, located just across of the calm Lake Batur at around 6AM. It would take about 2 hours to hike up from the trekking starting point. The starting point would be in the base of Mount Batur,  just out side of Jati Temple. A local trekking guide from the local organization need to be hired to accompany anyone who wish to hike up the holly mountain.

On the first 40 minutes of the walk  would rather flat on black sandy path. You will need to put on your flash light and still need to wear your jacket of sweater. As the part start to hike up it will slow down your step. Some are steep path so you need to work out a bit but still consider not difficult for most people. Try to take sort break while taking a deep breath of the fresh air. If you look behind , you you see line of light of other trekker in between the mist, still rather dark. But if it is full moon , you may able to see the calm lake Batur in distance already.

Once you get the top, find the the best spots that facing the Mount Abang. While waiting for the sunrise you may start having your breakfast box and get ready with your camera. There is a hut where you can buy hot tea or coffee if you wish.    After enjoying the beautiful  sunrise , you may walk around the area to see the caldera with few small holes with  volcanic steam come out from it. It used to be, trekkers can boils egg in these holes but it is not allowed anymore due to the cleanliness reason.   The sacred monkeys of the mountain are visible at this time. They may steal your breakfast , so be careful.

Walking down may take less then 2 hours and the sun start to be heating up. After reaching back to the based and seeing good bye to your trekking guide we proceed to see the lonely temple by the lake.After that we can then get a refreshing dip  into natural hot spring  pools by the lake before driving back to your hotel.

We organized Mount Batur trekking trip from IDR 650.000 /USD 60 per person for minimum 2 person.
The price include transportation from and back to your hotel, trekking guide,mineral water .  Hotel pick time will be at 3AM if you stay in Ubud, 2Am  to 2.30AM if you stay in Nusa Nusa, Kuta, Seminyak or Sanur.

Please drop us an email  to or a note below if you wish to trek the Batur volcano with us.

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