Jungle Trekking in Twin Lake

Starting early from your hotel, drive to north Bali and stop at a high point where you can see panoramic view of Lake Buyan and Tamblingan below you with Mount Batukaru at the background. Start trekking with our local trekking guide, our partner who live nearby the area. For the first 20 minutes we will walk down the path that will lead us to the northern shore  of Lake Buyan. Our stop point here is the first lake temple. Our hike continues to more dense part of the forest where more big trees , most of them will be ficus trees.  Few of them has holes that big enough for us to enter. Some of them has long string that we can swing on. Feel free to be like Tarzan. We will hear a lot of birds during the trek but we can only very few of them. More temple will be seen like: Temple for Chinese ancestors, village temple of Dalem and Temple for ‘smith /artisan clan. The last two temple is located  in the eastern shore of the Tamblingan lake. Our dug out wooden boat is await for us here to take us across to the west part of the lake. You will need to paddle to help the boat roar faster. We may see fishermen hunting and fishing the fresh water fish. The boat ride will be about 30 minutes. In the west shor,e there will be another temple, Temple for the farmers. Our car will fetch you around here, to take you to lunch place. After lunch is refreshing time in secluded waterfall. A small hike to get to the waterfall from the car park.

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