Capturing Melasti Ceremony

Melasti is a cleansing ceremony to purify the temple amenities and the temple members ( the villagers). It also purposed to obtain the holy water to be used in further ceremony in their temple. Due to these purpose, the ceremony then held either in water springs, rivers or beaches. There will be procession of the villagers in their traditional outfits carrying offering, idols of temple’s God or deities, colorful flags and umbrella. It would also accompanied by cheerful Balinese music orchestra. Many times the procession are passing through beautiful coastal areas, lush green rice field, hilly mountain or dense of the forest. A perfect setting for photos of colorful tradition in the beauty of the nature.

Melasti ceremony is usually done as part of the temple anniversary ceremony or part of the Balinese New Year celebration. Here are some example photos of Melasti ceremony that is part of Balinese New Year celebration under the colorful morning sunrise by the beach.

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