Bali Textile Tour

Bali textile tour is special design tour for you who interested in knowing the diversity of different style of textile that Bali has.

The tour starting by a visit to traditional village of Tenganan. The village has a unique textile weaving called Geringsing. It is a double ‘ikat’ weaving technique that has been pass down from many generation. The patterns are also very unique. The color used are natural dyes. The textile it self used to be only use for people of Tenganan during their festival activities. Now, however, they allow textile collector to have for their collection.

After Tenganan, we proceed going further east to Seraya Village. Seraya village is believed to be the first village that make the original black and white cloth . Now days, after revitalization effort done by some people in the village,they also make other pattern but still using traditional weaving method and natural dyes. In here you can see the plantation that they grow for the dyes, the process to make the dyes ready for coloring the tread.

Next place is Sideman. Located in the beautiful valley under mount Agung, we will see the making of elaborate ‘songket’ weaving. These golden and silver tread cloth are commonly use for special ceremony like wedding as they colorful. In the same village we will also see the the single ikat ‘endek’ weaving process, from making the pattern to the weaving itself.

Klungkung market is our next destination. It is the biggest textile market in Bali where most Balinese people will go for their need for textile especially endek and songket. The shop owner from other part of Indonesia also come here to buy weaving textile in bulk volume. The place also has batik that mainly already cut in sarong.

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